Except where to do so would cause any part of these Terms to be illegal, void or unenforceable, CLSA, its directors and/or employees:


Will not be held responsible or accept any such responsibility in relation to electrical installation or modification of any or any of its products or associated fittings purchased either through clsaled.com.au or any associated sale outlet.

All electrical installations and modifications including any drivers installation, be it new LED drivers installations or changes from old equipment to new drivers and/or any T8 tube related ballast and starter modifications MUST be conducted by a qualified electrician – The installation method must match with Australian standards and lies solely the responsibility of the licensed professionals installing the equipment. Incorrect installation and/or modification of any CLSA supplied product can cause incorrect LED operation as well as serious harm possibly resulting in death to the person conducting the installation or modification. Incorrect electrical installation can cause electrical shorting and fire resulting in loss of property and/or life.

Please make sure ALL electrical work is conducted by a qualified/certified/licensed electrician who adheres to and accepts all responsibility for Australian Standards in electrical installations.

CLSA is not liable based on any information added to clsaled.com.au by people not employed by CLSA

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