All LED lights have a 2 year warranty, if installed by a qualified and licensed electrician and properly operated by buyers.

Customers can return faulty goods to us so long as you are able to provide a receipt as proof of purchase or funds transfer documentation with CLSA, within the warranty period for repair or replacement. The warranty claimer must return the faulty items directly to CLSA and is solely responsible for all postage costs associated with the warranty claim.

The warranty doesn’t cover:

1) LED lights that have been abused, improperly used or disassembled including being installed in a fully enclosed lighting fixture (air tight) or used in association with existing or old electronic or iron core transformers.

2) any liability for indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising from the failure of the Lamp.

3) actual working temperature of INDOOR LED lights are beyond the range of -20-45° Centigrade. And actual working temperature of OUTDOOR LED lights are beyond the range of -25-50° Centigrade.

4) the Installation of INDOOR LED light in OUTDOOR environment.

5) the INDOOR LED lights work in a damp and dusty environment.

6) lights installed by unqualified persons.

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